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Florida power of attorney allows for a person to select someone else to handle monetary and health care decisions on his or her behalf. The newest law in Florida made every financially related power of attorney document durable which is defined as ‘document being valid after the Principal becomes incapacitated’. This means that the person should be very careful about who to trust as the Agent selected will have all the power to make any type of financial decision even if the Principal is no longer mentally capable of thinking for themselves. All documents must be authorized in front of two (2) witnesses wit no relation to anyone involved in the document or a notary public in order to be valid according to the Florida Power of Attorney Act.

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  • Durable Financial – Use this document to record an agent that will have the power to represent any and all your financial needs. Once authorized (to complete both parties must sign in front of a notary public), the agent you select will have broad sweeping powers to act in your place for any type of monetary decision legal in the State of Florida. See Durable Law
  • Medical – Use to appoint a health care agent to look after and make decisions on your behalf in the chance that you cannot do so for yourself.
  • Real Estate – Choose someone to handle a single real estate purchase and sale (typically a closing) to act in your benefit. Due to the high amount of properties owned by citizens located outside the State it is usually handled by an attorney or someone with knowledge in real estate law.
  • Tax (Dr835) – Allows you to choose someone else to handle any and all tax filings within the State of Florida. Typically, this form will be attached to your filing when submitting to the Department of Revenue.
  • Revocation Form – Use to cancel a power of attorney form that is currently in present. Make sure that after this document is completed that it is given to all public and private institutions where the original power of attorney document was is use.

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