Download Iowa Power of Attorney Forms and Templates

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Iowa Power of Attorney Forms and Templates

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Download power of attorney in Iowa by completing one of the documents with the person you would like to represent you for either medical or financial situations. All parties involved in the document must sign in front of a notary public. Once authorized, it does not need to be submitted to any government office and just needs to be held in a safe accessible place for when the opportunity comes and it needs to be used.

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  • Durable General (Financial) – Use this document to select an agent to handle financial decisions on your behalf. The person you select may make any type of legal monetary transaction as long as it is to your benefit. You want to make sure the person you select is trustworthy. The form becomes legal when it has been completed and all parties have signed in front of a notary public or authorized with at least two (2) non-blood related witnesses present.
  • Medical – Use this legal document as a way to select a person to handle all your health care decisions to your benefit in the chance you may not be able to do so for yourself. In order to complete, the form must be authorized in front of a notary public. If the principal would rather make their own health care decisions without the use of a medical surrogate, he or she may do so by using the living will.
  • Tax – Choose someone else to handle your tax filing in Iowa by using this power of attorney document and attaching it to your tax forms when sending to the Department of Revenue. Typically the person that will handle this type of filing will be an attorney, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or someone highly knowledgeable in the Iowa tax code.
  • Vehicle – Allows the owner of a vehicle to elect someone else to be able to have all of some of the specified powers;
    • Application for Certificate of Title
    • Assignment of Certificate of Title
    • Application for Replacement Certificate of Title
    • Application for Notation of Security Interest
    • Motor Vehicle Odometer (Mileage) Statement
    • Damage Disclosure Statement
    • Application for Refund for a Leased Vehicle

    In order to make the form valid, the Principal must sign the completed document in front of a Notary Public.


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