Download Mississippi Power of Attorney Forms and Templates

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Mississippi power of attorney allows for a resident to choose a representative to handle financial or medical decisions on his or her behalf. In order for the document to become legal it must be completed by all parties with a notary public or two (2) witnesses present during the time of signature. To view the laws they are located at the State’s Website and scroll down to Title 87 Chapter 3.

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  • Durable General ($) – Use to select a person to handle any type of monetary related situation on your behalf. Must be notarized in order to become in effect. Definition of durable according to the State § 87-3-107.
  • Health Care – Also referred to as the “Advance Health Care Directive”, allow an agent to represent your medical needs in the chance that you are not able to do so for yourself. The document is only allowed for use when the principal can no longer speak or make decisions for themselves due to mental instability. For information about specific rules it is recommended to view the Uniform Health-Care Decisions Act.
  • State Tax Filing – Use to assign someone else to handle your tax filing with the Mississippi Department of Revenue. Usually this form will be made to a certified public accountant or tax attorney for handling.
  • Motor Vehicle – Choose someone to handle all vehicle related matters in relation to the Department of Revenue. This means that the agent has the power to register, title, or sell the vehicle as long as it is to the sole benefit of the principal.
  • Real Estate – Choose someone to handle a real estate transaction, most commonly a closing, on behalf of the principal.
  • Administrator of Estate – The agent is usually the heir and is selected to carry out the tasks and duties of the estate after the principal’s death.


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