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An obituary is regarded as a celebration of the deceased’s life, loves, and accomplishments during the course of life. However, there are some traditional elements to an obituary that still must be observed, and they are included in all complete Obituary Templates.

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How to Fill Out an Obituary

The first items on any Obituary Template are the dependent’s name and the dates of his or her birth and death, or age at the time of death. It should also note the place of birth, and where death occurred, as well as the cause of death.

If the person being remembered had any special passions or charities, they should be listed. If he or she was an artist or inventor, major accomplishments are also to be enumerated.

It is especially important to announce the date and time of the funeral, as well as the name and location of the funeral home or religious institution at which the funeral will be held. If there is to be a wake, it’s time and location must also be included. The time and location of the interment is also included in an Obituary Template. If any of these events are private, this also must be announced.

The Obituary Template will have space to prominently note the names and locations of the schools the decedent attended, as well as the degrees earned and the dates of each graduation. Similarly, the obituary will include important career milestones, publications, achievements and awards.

If the deceased was a military veteran, the obituary must note this most prominently. The branch of the service, as well as the highest rank obtained all have to be noted, as must all military awards and medals.

The Obituary template must account for the marital history of the decedent. The dates of all marriages and the full name of the partners must be noted, with the special note of the last marriage, if there was more than one.
If the decedent’s spouse survives him or her, that must be noted, as well as the length of the marriage. The surviving relatives, such as children, grandchildren and or parents are listed, too.

As will be obvious to the reader, just as no two lives are the same, no two obituaries can really be the same, either. That’s why it is extremely difficult to come up with a “one size fits all” Obituary Template. There are many examples of templates online. Many are downloadable at no cost, and they serve all the popular word processors and operating systems. They can be very useful to read and to get ideas from, but in this case, they may serve best as guidelines to the task rather than as road maps.

Obituary Template | PDF | RTF | Word

Obituary Template | PDF | RTF | Word


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