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If you send a fax without warning, the recipient might not understand its relevance or what his or her response should be. A fax cover sheet lets you add essential information about the fax so the recipient knows exactly what to do next.

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How to Use a Fax Cover Sheet

Using a template as a fax cover sheet will make sending faxes quick and easy, and using a cover sheet will save everyone time because the cover sheet will quickly inform recipients of the context of the fax. The essential information to include on a fax cover sheet is:

  • Names of sender and sender’s organizationr
  • Return fax number
  • Recipient’s fax number
  • Recipient’s name
  • Number of pages
  • Date
  • Topic of the fax
  • CC’d parties
  • Any additional necessary information and comments

With this info, the recipient will know whether the fax was sent to the correct department, whether it contained all intended pages, who else needs a copy of the fax, whether it must be addressed urgently, and so forth.

You can use the template below as a cover sheet for most organizations, although some court systems and other organizations require their own detailed fax cover sheets. You can also include the sender and recipient’s telephone numbers, and any other information that readers would want to know.

Video – How to Create in Word


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