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Printable Receipt Templates | Cars | Cash | Rent | Sales

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In running any time of business, or even a busy personal life, keeping track of money inflows and outflows is the key to maintaining proper control of your financial affairs. That is why whenever money changes hands for any reason, a record must be kept of the transaction.

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This is especially true when dealing in cash. Nothing is as ephemeral as cash. Where did it come from? Did I ever get it? Where did it go? Because these are the eternal questions that always crop up when dealing with cash, whenever anyone gives you give cash for any reason, be prepared for that individual to demand a receipt.

How to Use a Receipt Template

There are many Receipt Templates available online at no cost. Most are configured to work with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Docs.

A typical Receipt Template for cash will have, right below the legend, the word “Date” written in bold letters, and place holders directly to the right where you can type in the month, day, or year of the transaction. The typical legend will be, simply, “Cash Receipt”, and there is likely be another placeholder where you can upload any artwork you think appropriate.

Below the date, in large bold letters, will be written “Amount Received”. To the right of that will be a dollar sign, and to the right of that is space for the amount.

Because, in today’s world, when we say cash we generally mean any person-to-person monetary transaction, the type of specie rendered should also be recorded. To affect this, there can be the words “Cash”, “Money Order”, and “Check” written on top of each other in a column. Immediately to the right of each are spaces within which you can apply an ‘X” for the appropriate choice.

Below, there is a placeholder for your electronic signature, which you have scanned into your computer. The scanned signature is then inserted onto the Receipt Template the same way any other picture would be.

Next, there will be a place on the Receipt Template to record the purpose of the payment. Below that will be the words “Cash Receipt Number” and then a space for the appropriate number. How that number gets recorded will depend on the type of receipt system you are working with.

The example used in this description is one receipt created on a computer from a template. In this case, you must type in the receipt number. When working with a template in this manner, when you save your result, you must make sure not to override your template, but save it under another document name.

If you simply print out the template from your computer, you must fill in everything in pen and ink.

There are also systems that you use online and others that you can buy and download onto your computer. When you use one of these to create receipts, they can be configured to number the receipts created consecutively, starting at any point you choose.

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