Download Sales Receipt Template – Excel – PDF – RTF – Word

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Sales Receipt Template – Excel – PDF – RTF – Word

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It’s simple and easy to create a Sales Receipt Template on your own personal computer. There are also many templates available online for Word, Excel, and Google Docs. Microsoft itself offers many templates for you to choose from. From whatever source, most of these templates are easily modifiable to include your company’s specific information and purposes.

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When you download one of these templates, try to resist the urge to modify it directly. Am I going back on what I said a moment ago? No! What I mean is that you should make a copy of the template, and modify the copy instead. That way, if you decide that you don’t like the way your work is progressing, you can start all over again. Also, if for whatever reason you need a second version of your sales receipt, you have the option of either modifying (a copy of!) your original work or starting from scratch.

If your chosen template is designed for use with any word processing program, it’s important to realize that most of these template work with what can be thought of as placeholders. For example, if, on the top of the template, you see the words “COMPANY NAME”, the idea is that you replace those words with the name of your own company. Use your mouse to reverse scroll over the placeholder, and type in the name of your company. It will appear with exactly the same formatting, which you can modify as you choose.

Many Sales Receipt Templates will also have a place where you can insert a company logo. If not, you can do so on your own, but this takes a bit more than basic word processing skill to get just right.

The typical Sales Receipt Template will have paces for the name and address of the customer, and the time and date of the sale, as well as who made the sale, which is a vital piece of information to have when dealing with complaints or calculating commissions.

The bulk of the rest of the template will be divided into four columns. They will be for the quantity of each item sold, the unique designation of the item, the price, and a total for that item. Some templates will multiply the quantity times the price and place the result into the total column. This, of course, is only possible if you create each sales receipt from your completed template on a computer.

There may also be an entry for the unique identifying number of the sales receipt, which may make things a lot easier when tax time comes around.

Download (PDF, 41KB)

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