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Road Trip Checklist | Car | Motorcycle | PDF | Word

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Sometimes, you just can’t wait for the workweek to be over so you can just hop in the car and go – anywhere! It’s a great way to leave the grind behind you and feel the wind in your face and recapture the grand old feelings of escape, excitement and freedom. But, before you set sail for the sunset, it’s a good idea to put together a Road Trip Checklist to make sure you’re properly outfitted for your trip and to make sure that all the surprises will be pleasant ones, leaving you relaxed and renewed after you return safely home.

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What to Pack for a Road Trip Checklist

The very first item on our Road Trip Checklist is to ask yourself if your car is fit for the open road? Driving a few miles a day for commuting and shopping is a lot different than 600 miles at 65 mph, so make extra sure your car is up for the challenge of the journey before you cast off.

Some of the items on our Road Trip Checklist just naturally seem to come in groups, and a first ordering is that of a good road map and a GPS system. What, you say? Why would you need both? You need both because maps are always there. They don’t need to be recharged, and they work even if you can’t get a signal. But maps just aren’t as functional as GPS’s are. They don’t have everyplace you may want to go mapped out in great detail and they don’t provide directions. And now that almost everyone has a GPS, many municipalities are not keeping their road signs up to date or properly maintained.

Also high up on your Road Trip Checklist are a cell phone and a charger. You want to take a road trip, not, not to excommunicate yourself. And these two items dovetail nicely with the next triad on our list, which include a basic toolkit, bottled water and motor club membership. If you break down and you can’t fix it yourself, you’ll need to call for help, and if help will be late in arriving, bottled water can make all the difference between an unpleasant experience and a really unpleasant experience.

Before you leave home, make sure your credit card is OK and that you have a decent credit limit so you don’t have to go home regretting that you couldn’t eat in that great restaurant or buy that pair of fuzzy dice. And never forget that even in the electronically linked-in world of today, nothing is as widely accepted as cash – so don’t leave home without it!


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