Download AF Form 988 | Leave Request | Authorization

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AF Form 988 | Leave Request | Authorization

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The purpose of AF Form 988 is for requesting and authorizing leave from service from the Air Force. You will find that this form has three sections. All sections must be completed in order to make your request and have your leave authorized.

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How to Fill-in

  • Step 1 – Request for Leave

The first section of the form must be completed by the requesting member of the Air Force. You must provide all information in boxes one through six to include, your social security number, name, grade, date of request,leave balance and the type of transaction you are requesting. Complete all remaining information and any detailed information that may be required. You will then sign this section of the form in box 21. This will need to be signed with your supervising officer available to sign and approve your leave.

  • Step 2- Form Continuation

After you’ve completed all of the detailed information on the first sheet of the form, you will again be required to complete the same information on the next 2 sheets of the form. Page 2 will require that you complete your leave information if the leave will take place outside of the United States, in section eleven.

  • Step 3 – Return From Leave

The third sheet of the form will be used at the end of your leave but must be completed with sheets one and two at the beginning of your leave and submitted at that time. The third page of form 988 will then be returned to you prior to your leave. Once you’ve returned from your leave, you will then complete the remainder of section three of the form and report on your leave at that time.

  • Always be certain to review all information for accuracy


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