Download Fillable DA Form 31 Request and Authority for Leave

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Fillable DA Form 31 Request and Authority for Leave

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The DA Form 31 is the form that begins the process of what is needed to legally acquire permission for temporary leave from duty with the United States Military.

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How To Apply

Step 1 – In order to apply for leave, whether it is for vacation or for family emergency, you will need to acquire and complete a DA Form 31. You may complete it either online or print it off and fill it in manually. You will need to fill in your control number, name, Social Security number, rank, date you’re filing your form, the address where you will be while you’re on leave and the type of leave you would like to take. For the most part DA Form 31 is relatively self-explanatory but must be properly completed to avoid any delay in your Commander’s ability to properly provide authority for your request.

Step 2 – After you have completed a DA Form 31 indicating the type of leave you wish to take, you must then submit the form to your Company Commander for signatures if you will request leave at least 29 days from the date of desired travel. You will be required to file your dates of arrival at the destination where you will be taking leave. You will be required to carry the DA Form 31 with you while you’re on leave. If you find that you are in need of medical attention while you’re on leave you will be required to report to the nearest military medical facility. Should you change your destination while you are on leave, you are required to immediately report these changes to your Commander. When you return from your leave you must report to your duty station absolutely no later than 2400 hours on the final day of your leave.

Download (PDF, 71KB)


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