Download IRS Form 4506-T | Request for Transcript of Tax Return

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IRS Form 4506-T | Request for Transcript of Tax Return

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IRS for 4506-T is to request a transcript of any tax return that you have filed with the Internal Revenue Service for the previous 4 years. You may request a copy of transcript of your taxes for any tax year with this form. You may complete this form yourself or through your tax attorney or your tax professional.

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How to Fill-in

  • Step 1 – Personal Filing Information

Provide the exact name(s), addresses and social security numbers for yourself and your spouse or the name of the business for which you are requesting transcripts from the IRS. Be certain that the names are full legal names and not “nick-names.”

  • Step 2 – Provision of Current Name and Address Information

If you have experienced any legal name change from what you have provided in 1a or 2a you will need to enter it on line 3 along with any current address information. In box 4 you will only need to complete this section if the address you have used to file taxes over the past three years has changed from what was entered in line 3. If you would like to receive the transcript at a different address, list the mailing address in line 5.

  • Step 3 – Tax Number

List the tax form number that you would like a transcript for.

  • Step 4 – Request for Form As Submitted

If you would like to receive a return transcript of the form as it was submitted you will need to check box 6a. There are various forms these are available for, please refer to the instructions provided from the IRS for a list of available forms.

Step 5- Payment and Adjustment Requests-

If you would like a transcript of payments and adjustments made with the IRS check box 6b.

  • Step 6 – Request for Combination of Returns

For a combination of the return and account transcripts for the past four years you will need to check box 6c.

  • Step 7 – Did Not Submit

If you need a transcript stating you had not submitted a transcript in any tax year you must check box 6d

  • Step 8 – All Returns Request

If you would like a transcripts for all returns check box 6e (see the IRS instruction sheet for available forms)

  • Step 9 – Years for Transcripts Requested

You will need to enter the years from which you would like to receive transcripts on line 9.

  • Step 10 – Sign and Date Your 4506-T

Your form is now complete and ready for submission. Date and sign your request form and submit it either by mail or online.

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