Download Blank Invoice Template – Excel – PDF – RTF – Word

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Blank Invoice Template – Excel – PDF – RTF – Word

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Download and complete a blank invoice template to send to a client or customer in order to collect form a product or service rendered. Create invoice numbers and keep track of your account receivables by forming and taking records of all invoices created for accounting purposes. The standard time-frame for expecting payments is usually thirty (30) days and up to ninety (90) for some retailers.

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Most businesses and companies prefer to make payments through invoices issued by their venders and contractors. It reduces ambiguity, and it makes it easier at tax time. More and more organizations will only make payments when presented with an invoice to match against the cash outflow and more precisely categorize the expense on their own financial records.

How to Write a Blank Invoice Template

There are many styles of Blank Invoice Templates available online at no cost on advertising-supported websites. In order to lend an air of stability and purpose to your company, it is recommended that you choose one style and make it your standard way presenting your bills to your clients.

A Typical Blank Invoice Template will begin, simply, with the word “Invoice” in prominent, bold typeface. Directly below that, there will be boxes for the invoice number, the date of the invoice, the date payment is due, the terms (2% off if paid in 10 days, as an example), and box for any reference.

The next horizontal zone of the Blank Invoice Template will consist of three boxes. The first two will contain identical fields for you and your customer: Company Name, Tax ID, Contact Name, Telephone and Address. The third box will contain the address that your client wishes the invoice sent to.

The next section where you define the items that you are billing for in this invoice. There will be headings that go across the page specifying the service’s or item’s Description, Quantity, Price Per Unit, the Total, Tax, and the Gross Amount. The better Blank Invoice Templates offer the opportunity here to add as many lines you need for all the invoice’s items.

There will next be a space for you to specify your Preferred Payment Method. There can also be a section specifying how to make this payment directly to you company bank account. To do this, the Blank Invoice Template must have spaces for you to include your Bank’s Name, Bank Routing Number, Account Number, and Account Type.

Download (PDF, 67KB)

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