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It is of paramount importance for anyone with diabetes to be aware of his or her blood sugar (glucose) level. Once a day is not enough. A minimal regimen would include readings when you wake up, then in the mid-morning, and then at lunch. Then readings should be taken in the middle of the afternoon, at dinner, and right before bedtime.

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A better way would involve, first, organizing your Blood Sugar Log with an Excel spreadsheet, or to obtain one of the many Blood Glucose Log Sheets based on Excel. Each page of the spreadsheet would contain all your readings for a month. The month is broken up into weeks, with a separate line for each day of each day of each week. Each day is identified by day-of-the-week and by the date.

There would be columns with the major headings of Morning, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Bed. The final major column is for Comments. The sub-columns under Morning and Bed would be Time and Glucose Measurement. Under Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, there would be not two columns but four. The first would be for the Glucose Measurement you took before you ate, and the second column would be for exact time of the measurement. The third would be for your Glucose Measurement after you ate the meal, and the fourth would be for the exact time of that measurement.

You’ll notice that in this example, we’ve taken eight measurements each day for seven days. The use of the spreadsheet makes it easy to calculate the average glucose reading for each of those eight measurements, so we’ll know, for example, your average glucose level all week for when you woke up for each day of that week.

Of course, this pattern is repeated for each week of the month. Below that an average of all your glucose readings can be calculated and displayed for the entire month. A minimum and a maximum reading for the entire month can also be ascertained and displayed.

How to a Fill-in a Blood Sugar Log Worksheet

Use of an Excel Spreadsheet as the basis for your Blood Sugar Log Sheet makes it easy to display graphical interpretations of your glucose readings. Plots of days of the month vs. glucose reading can be exhibited for Morning, Before Breakfast, and the six other time-of-day measurements mentioned earlier. It might also be useful to display the maximum or minimum reading for each day, or the average for each day.

Please note that the times and circumstances for the readings mentioned here are somewhat arbitrary. You diabetes specialist might well specify other times of day or circumstances that would be more relevant to be monitored in your specific case. Whether you use a commercially available or freeware spreadsheet, or if you build one of your own, the nature of this way of doing things is completely flexible.


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