Download Burger King Job Application Form | Fillable PDF

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Burger King Job Application Form | Fillable PDF

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Burger King was founded in 1954 in Miami, Fl. by James McLamore and David Edgerton. Their infamous ‘Whopper’ recipe brought them a lot of consumer attention and soon this small establishment grew to a chain. This company continued to grow steadily over the years and broke into many new worldwide markets in the 1980’s. Today Burger King serves over 11 million people across the globe in over 13,000 restaurants. The stability of growth, strong name recognition, and multiple franchises makes this an attractive company for many job seekers.

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How to Apply for a Job at Burger King


Apply in person at a Burger King storefront

Applicants who are interested in the service industry may apply at their local Burger King or online, while applicants wishing corporate jobs may apply online. To do this a candidate would need to go the company website,, then select the ‘Join the team’ link. This will open a new window to their career center which, will give several introductions to different areas of the company.  Here one may select ‘Corporate and Field opportunities,’ ‘In Restaurant Opportunities,’ or a drop down of these categories on the left.

Selecting either of these will open a new window with a list of openings in that section of the company. Once one has selected a position he/she is interested in, the browser will direct to a job description page with the option to save the job, refer to a friend, or apply. If applying, a candidate will be directed to a page where they may upload a resume, copy and paste a resume, and sign in if they have a profile.

There will be several sections to the application process here; terms and conditions, resume, personal information, pre-employment questions, application information, and disclosures. The applicant will be able to review their information before submitting.

If applying for an in store position, the applicant will be directed to a page where they may select from a menu in the top center area containing links for team leader, delivery driver, shift coordinator, assistant manager, and restaurant general manager. Selecting one of these links will direct an applicant to a general job description page with an ‘apply now’ link. This will open a page of locations who need applicants for the selected area. The application is a straight forward one requiring such pieces of information as the applicant’s name, contact information, work experience, education, and a chance to upload a resume. Additionally here, the applicant may select which hours they are available for. Once this information is filled out a candidate may submit it.

Burger King Application | Fillable Adobe PDF

Burger King Application | Fillable Adobe PDF

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