Download Goodwill Job Application Form | Fillable Adobe PDF

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Goodwill Job Application Form | Fillable Adobe PDF

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Goodwill is a nonprofit founded in Boston by Rev. Edgar J. Helms in 1902. The company’s philosophy of “a hand up not a hand out” became famous shortly after. Today Goodwill has over 2900 stores as well as an auction site. This non-profit is a multibillion dollar company that centers on giving to the community in the form of employment, job training, rehabilitation, and discounted used goods. Goodwill’s mission and longtime established stability makes this company a popular goal amongst many job seekers.

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How to Apply for a Job at Goodwill


Apply in person at Goodwill

In order to apply to goodwill an applicant may begin the process at the company’s website, Here, candidates may select the ‘Find Jobs and Services’ tab containing a drop window with several options including ‘careers at goodwill.’ If selecting the menu link the browser will direct the applicant to the career section of the site. Here, the page will present applicants with material on working with Goodwill. On the left of the page will be an area to search jobs powered by with the words Goodwill Industries already filled in the keyword field (the location field is left blank). An applicant may enter the city, state, and zip code for the area they wish to apply in. This will immediately open a new window to an com page with the search results for Goodwill Industries in the area the applicant prefers to work in. Applicants need only select the position they are interested in to view the job description, requirements, and/or compensation. Here the candidate will be presented with an ‘Apply for this Position’ button.  This will usually direct the browser to the goodwill website of that area.  (i.e. for New York;, for San Francisco;

The application process may differ slightly from Goodwill to Goodwill but there is a common theme where an applicant must fill in their contact information, work history including salary, education, and attach a resume or cover letter. Most of the time the applicant will be able to e-verify their signature then submit the application. Since each Goodwill is different it is a good idea for an applicant to be prepared with all their information should they be interested in multiple Goodwill locations.

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