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Yogurtland was established in Fullerton, CA by Phillip Chang in 2006. This company became very quickly known for its groundbreaking philosophies in customer service and franchised a year later. Today, Yogurtland has well over two hundred locations with a notable amount internationally. Job seekers in search of an innovative company with steady growth may consider this company a top level destination.

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How to Apply for a Job at Yogurtland


Apply in-store at a Yogurtland store as seen in the picture

Applicants seeking a position with Yogurtland may do so through the company website, Here they may choose the ‘Career’ link near the top right of the page or the ‘Jobs’ link in the bottom left hand part of the site. Both links will direct the browser to the career page for Yogurtland. This page gives prospective candidates an introduction to working with Yogurtland, a job application link, and a listing of all available positions. The Available Positions table gives applicants several options. They may select the ‘Job Title,’ ’Description,’ or’ Apply for this positon.’ The ‘Description’ link will open job description page with complete information regarding the position and an ‘Apply for this Position’ link near the bottom. However if potential candidates wishes to view the job description while keeping the other available positions visible they may click the job title will allow the job description to drop down on the page.

Selecting one of the two general application links just above the table or the ‘apply for this position’ link anywhere will take applicants to the same basic application page requiring information relative to the positon. Applicants wishing to apply for a corporate positon should be ready to provide their personal information, contact information, availability, salary requirements, previous experience, education and any military experience they may have. There will be an opportunity near the bottom of the form to upload a resume. Applicants interested in retail positions may expect to provide the same information but must also which shifts they are interested in. If applicants prefer to either mail or physically bring their application to the location they are interested in there is a downloadable and printable .pdf application on all application pages. The downloadable .pdf will require the same information as the online form.

Download (PDF, 258KB)


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