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Using a calendar is essential to organize your time, and will let you schedule everything neatly so you can optimize your week. There are a number of ways to create your own calendar to avoid buying one: you can download calendar templates, or you can create your own using a number of programs.

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In today’s hectic world, between school and professional obligations, social pursuits, and errands, life can seem overwhelming. That’s why managing your time with a calendar can be especially helpful. By planning each task you have to do during each day and night, you can avoid over-extending your obligations and be confident you are optimizing your time and effort by seeing how your week will unfold with a visual representation.

How to Create a Calendar Template

Creating multiple calendars according to different subjects can be a better method of organization. For example, you can create one calendar for work functions and one for social functions. This could help you avoid confusion, for example, if you have two to three things scheduled on the same day, and some are work related while others are not. If you don’t envision much of this type of confusion, then using one calendar may be simpler.

The big names in software all have calendar programs or templates you can use as well. Microsoft Word comes with a calendar template under its templates menu. Apple’s iCloud Calendar lets you create calendars customized for work or home use.

Google offers a cloud-based calendar as well, which will integrate with users’ Google accounts so that emails in Gmail with time-sensitive words will come with a button that lets you add an event to the calendar. You can also share your Google Calendars with multiple users, so all required parties can view the calendar, and edit it if needed. Google Calendars can sync with mobile devices as well.



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