Download Blank Taxi/Cab Receipt Templates | PDF

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If you’re a cab driver, and you work primarily business hours, most of your customers are likely to be on expense accounts, and they will definitely want receipts. Unless you want to drive around with a laptop computer and a portable printer, the best way to meet this need is with preprinted Taxi Receipt Templates that you can finish filling in by hand each time a customer asks for one.

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Just because you don’t want to carry a computer in your cab doesn’t mean you can’t conveniently work with one at home. If you’re connected to the internet, you can find any number of Taxi Receipt Templates online. Many of these will take very little modification to work into something that will suit you and the way you do business.

There are two problems with these online templates. The first is that most aren’t free. The second is that most of those that are free require you to register by submitting your email address for verification, which will mean, doubtlessly, endless spam.

But, if you have bit of skill with a word processor, you can easily create your own Taxi Receipt Template. But, first things first, decide if you’re going to print them out yourself at home. Or, alternatively, are you going to download your creation onto a flash drive and take it to a copy shop and have then printed out onto a booklet format that you pull off one by one. If the latter, ask at the shop what dimensions your receipt needs to be in. Doing it this way saves wear and tear on your printer, and if you print then out at home six to a page, you also have to cut them out one-by-one with a scissors.

How to Fill Out a Taxi Receipt

The taxi Receipt Template should begin, simply, with TAXI RECEIPT in a bold, large font. Just below that, include your company’s name, phone, fax, email, and a logo, at the top.

Below that put in Date, and directly underneath, Time. The next line should be titled Pickup Address, and below that Delivery Address. The next two lines would be for Cab Number and Driver. A nice touch would be to add a colon and underlining after each of these six words or phrases on each of the six lines.

It would be appropriate to skip a space here, and the next three lines are for Fare, Gratuity, and Total Received.

All that’s needed now either a motto, a jingle, or else just a simple Thank You.

If you are the only one these receipts are for, you can include your name on the Driver line. If you’re always driving the same cab, that can be preprinted, too.


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