Download Fillable Check Request Form Template | PDF | RTF | Word

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Fillable Check Request Form Template | PDF | RTF | Word

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A Check Request Form Template is the basis for an internal document with which a member of an organization requests money in the form of a check. The reason for the request is quite often to pay an outside vender, but other reasons can apply according to the varied needs of the organization.

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How to Write

There are many templates available online at no cost for this purpose. Most of these sites are advertiser supported, so you will sometimes have to endure the occasional popup. Some host malware, so beware. The most popular formats are Word, Excel, and PDF. If you opt for either of the first two, you have the choice of printing out the template and filling it in by hand for each of your check requests, or making an electronic copy of it and filling it in on your computer. Programs to do anything with PDF files other than printing them or reading them are expensive and not common, so choosing a PDF form leaves you with less flexibility.

If the form is only going to be used for the purpose of applying for checks for outside venders, then the template can be quite simple. Indeed, you may well choose to create your own template with Word or Excel. You might begin your template with your organization’s name and logo on top, and then the title of Check Request, or something similar, directly underneath. Then, there will need to be spaces to hold today’s date, and the date by which the check will be needed. The next section is for information about the requester. There will be spaces for the requester’s name and signature, and perhaps for those of that person’s supervisor, too. The next section is for vendor information, with slots for the vendor’s name, address, and Tax ID.

The next and final section will enumerate the reasons for the check. After an appropriate subhead, this section can be divided into two columns. The left-side column will be larger, and it will contain a description or part number being paid for, or perhaps a description of a service. The smaller right-side column will be for a dollar amount. You’ll need to have as many lines in this two-column section as there are components that the check is being applied to. In some organizations, it might also be appropriate to include an accounting code to designate to which account this payment is to be applied to. Finally, there must be a total that has to equal the amount of the check.check-request-form-template

 Check Request Form Template | PDF | RTF | Word (.doc)

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