Download Georgia Power of Attorney Forms and Templates | PDF

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Georgia power of attorney allows for a person to let someone else (Agent) make either medical, financial, tax, or Department of Motor Vehicle decisions on his or her behalf. Be sure to trust the person selected as he or she will be able to make any type of financial decision on the Principal’s behalf as long as it is in his or her “Best Interests” (Examples include; Selling a home, Making cash withdrawals, Investing, etc). If you have general questions about granting power of attorney you may visit the State website.

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Types of POA

  • Durable –  Select someone to handle any type of financial transaction as long as it is to your benefit. This appointment may only be voided upon death or revocation, and must be signed in the presence of a notary public with all parties present in order to be legal.
  • Medical –  Choose a person to handle all health care decisions on your behalf in the chance you may not be able to do so for yourself. Also known as a health care directive, all parties must sign in the witness of a Notary Public in order for it to become valid.
  • Vehicle (T-8) –  Limited type of power of attorney form allows for a person to let someone handle the transfer of title to their car. This is commonly used when the person who owns is out of town and would like to have someone else sell it on their behalf. This form is only valid for Department of Motor Vehicles offices located in the State and must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public.
  • Tax (RD1061) – Elect someone else to handle your tax filing with the Georgia Department of Revenue. It is highly recommended that you select someone with the knowledge of the field of taxes in Georgia as you are ultimately responsible for any errors.
  • Parental Care Over a Minor Child – Choose a grandparent to handle the guardianship of a child for a set period up to six (6) months which the document must be renewed if the arrangement will continue.


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