Download Maine Power of Attorney Forms and Templates

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Use the Maine power of attorney documents to elect a representative to be able to handle situations (financial, medical, guardianship, etc.) on your behalf. The agent selected has a fiduciary duty to make any and all decisions in the best interests of the principal.

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  • Durable (Financial) – Use to create a relationship with a person of your choosing that will entitle your representative to make any and all financial decisions on your behalf (or you may be able to edit their power by outlining on the form). Complete the document and have the signatures witnessed in front of a notary public to be recognized as legal.
  • Medical – Elect anyone you would like to make health care decisions on your behalf if you cannot do so because of a mental or health care condition. Also referred to as an ‘Advance Directive’ and allows the principal to also create end of life treatment options.
  • Tax – Authorizes a tax professional to handle your filing with the Department of Revenue in Maine. This must be signed and updated every year.
  • Parental Guardianship Over a Minor Child – Allows a person to grant a family member the right to handle their child’s medical and education decisions. The term must be for a fixed period of time and can last for a maximum of twelve (12) months and the arrangement must be renewed to continue.


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