Download Alaska Power of Attorney Forms and Templates

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The Alaska power of attorney documents allow you to choose an agent to act in your best interest for any monetary or health care decision. The most popular form is the Durable which allows someone else to make any financial decision for you as long as it is in your best interest. If the principal or agent has any questions about their rights or responsibilities, the should review the Alaska Statutes.

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  • Durable – Used to create a relationship with someone else (“agent”) where he or she will have the full power to act on your behalf for any monetary related transaction within the State. As long as the decisions being made can be considered to in in ‘the principal’s best interests’ the agent selected will be able to complete the transaction. This document remains valid if and when the principal should become in a state of mind where he or she can no longer think for themselves.
  • Medical – Allows a person to handle another’s health care needs in the chance that he or she may not be able to do so for themselves. Much like a living will, the principal is able to state their preferences to certain setting that may occur such as end of life treatments or lack thereof.
  • Tax – Allows a person to choose someone else to handle their tax filing with the Alaska Department of Revenue. More commonly, a tax attorney or CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is chosen.
  • For a Child – For a maximum of one year and must be renewed, allows a parent to select someone else to have all the rights as if the person was the parent of the child. It does not grant custody or any other right(s) other than to make representation decisions in the chance the parent is not around to speak for the child.
  • DMV – Use to select an agent to handle any kind of matter pertaining to a vehicle or vessel in regards to the Department of Motor Vehicles office. This is common when having someone else register or obtain title to an automobile on the principal’s behalf.


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