Download Idaho Power of Attorney and Living Will Forms

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Idaho power of attorney allows for an Agent to be selected to make a decision for any financial or medical related event. The agent can be anyone and does not have to be an actual attorney, but be sure that the person selected can be trusted as he or she will have unlimited legal power to act in your place. View all Idaho power of attorney laws by reading the Chapter 12 Uniform Power of Attorney Act.

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  • Durable Financial (Statutory) – Designate someone else to have the power to make any type of financial decision on your behalf. In order to get power of attorney in Idaho, you will need to fill in the form and sign with your selected agent in front of a notary public. After signing, your agent may use anywhere he or she is looking to make a decision to your benefit. See Statutory Text Version.
  • Medical (Without Living Will) – Use this document as a safety net just in case you may not be able to speak for yourself you can select an agent to handle your health care decisions in your best interest. In order to make this form legal you and your selected agent must complete and sign in front of a notary public.
    You agent must show this document whenever it is to be used.

  • Medical (With Living Will) – Also referred to as a “Advance Health Care Directive”, allows the principal to not only choose a medical surrogate but also make their end of life treatment wishes.
  • Parental (Over a Minor Child) – Allows for a relative of a minor child to be granted guardian ship by following the State instructions. Most commonly it is the grandparent, sibling of one of the parents, or a sibling of the minor child that is selected to be the agent for the child.
  • Tax Filing (00104) – Select someone to take care of your tax filing in Idaho by authorizing this document. Once complete it should be attached to your filing and be sure to review and select a professional in this field as any mistakes will be your responsibility.
  • Vehicle (Idaho Transportation Dept) – Allow a person you select to be able to conduct any type of affairs that involve a vehicle you own. The agent selected may conduct any act whether it may be registering at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to selling the automobile. In order for the document to be legal it must be authorized in front of a Notary.


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