Download Oregon Power of Attorney Forms

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Oregon power of attorney documents allow, by law, the unrestricted representation of a resident for any and all financial, medical, taxation (State), motor vehicle, and guardianship interests. The agent selected, or ‘Attorney in Fact’, must always act to the best interest of the person being represented, or ‘principal’, and has a fiduciary duty to do so. The form may only be cancelled upon death of the principal, authorization of a revocation form, or if a new power of attorney document is signed.

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Durable – This form is used for financial use to be able to select someone to make decisions on your behalf. In order to get this arrangement, the person being represented and his or her Agent must go to a Notary Public after completing the form and have authorized. Keep the document in a safe and accessible place from thereon and the document is legal for use at any public or private facility.

Medical – Also referred to as an Advance Directive, use to be able to make any kind of medical treatment decision on behalf of someone else. This document may only be used after it has been authorized by a Notary Public which can be found at every branch bank.

Tax – This is the official form for selecting a person to handle your tax filing with the Oregon Dept. of Revenue. This must be updated every year.

DMV (Vehicle) – This document allows a person to be able to choose another to be able to handle any and all Title obligations in Oregon to his or her benefit. This gives the basic rights to allow the other person to register or sell the vehicle on behalf of the owner. This is common if the owner is out of town and would like for his or her automobile to be sold or registration kept up to date.

Parental Guardianship (Over a Minor) – Permits a parent to chose someone else to handle all medical care and educational responsibilities for up to six (6) months at a time. The person who is selected to be the agent is recommended to be family and the document must be signed in the presence of a notary to go into effect.


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