Download Nebraska Power of Attorney and Living Will Forms – PDF

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Nebraska power of attorney allows for a person to be able to handle another’s financial (durable) or medical affairs (The medical only becomes valid upon the Principal’s ability to not be able to think foe themselves). All documents must be authorized in front of a notary public to be legal.

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  • Durable Financial (Statutory) – Allows a person residing in Nebraska to select someone else to handle his or her financial responsibilities in their best interest. This means that the selected agent may conduct any type of monetary transaction from cashing checks to selling a home. The document must be authorized in the presence of a Notary Public in order to become legal.
  • Medical – This document allows a person in Nebraska to select a health care agent to take care of all treatment options in the chance the person being represented cannot speak for themselves. If the person would not like a surrogate to make decisions on their behalf, but would rather make predetermined choices on their end of life treatment options a living will declaration should be completed.
  • Over a Minor (Child) – A parent is allowed to designate a family member to take care of their child(ren) for a fixed period of time last no longer than six (6) months. If the family decides to continue the arrangement for a longer period of time the form must be created again and authorized.
  • DMV (Motor Vehicle) – This power of attorney gives a selected person that you choose to be able to handle all titling and registration rights to a specific vehicle or vessel that you own in Nebraska. The person you select may update the registration as well as sell on your behalf and all proceeds would be to your benefit.
  • Tax (Form 33) – Hire a tax representative to file your taxes to the Dept. of Revenue within Nebraska. All forms filed on your behalf are  still your responsibility if any errors are made.


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