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The Kaplan University Online Transcript Request Form is available from the school. There are also versions of the form available online that you can fill in online and download to your computer. Curiously, Kaplan requires that you mail the request for a transcript to their Online Registrar’s Office in Chicago, or if you are paying by credit card, you can fax it to the number specified on the form.

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Send to

Kaplan University
550 West Van Buren, 7th Floor
Chicago, IL 60607

How to Fill-in


Towards the top of the form, you are informed that requests for Unofficial Transcripts will be processed with 48 hours of receipt. Requests for Official Transcripts will take 7 to 10 business days, and you, the student, must have no outstanding financial obligations to the school.

On the first line for you to fill out on the Kaplan University Online Transcript Request Form, you are asked to fill in your full name, and directly underneath, you are directed to enter in any names by which you may have been previously known. Underneath that line, the next one asks for you social security number, your date of birth, and your home phone number. Below that, there are lines for your current street address, your city, your state and your zip code.

The next line contains one box to check if Kaplan University is now to consider the address you listed as your official address for its records, and another to check if it should not do so.

Beneath this, there is a box to check if this is a request for an Unofficial Transcript. If you have checked this box, the Kaplan University Online Transcript Request Form asks you how many copies of your Unofficial Transcript you’d like to have released. There is a box to check if you’d like us Kaplan University to send the copy or copies to the address you listed earlier. If not, you are directed to add the alternate address that you choose.

Further down on the form, you are asked if this is a request for an Official Transcript. You are asked, again for the number of Official Transcripts that you are requesting. And, also as before, you are asked if you want Kaplan to send the transcripts to your address, and if not, you are asked to fill in an alternative address.

You are informed that all your financial obligations to Kaplan University must be up to date for this request to be met, and that there is a $5.00 fee for each copy of your Official Transcript. You are asked to choose which method of payment you prefer; the choices to choose are Check/Money Order, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, or Paid Online. If you choose to pay by any of the credit cards listed, there is a space on the second page of the form the standard credit card info, and your signature.

There is a final line on the Kaplan University Online Transcript Request Form for you to sign and date, giving the school permission to actually release the transcript(s).

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