Download Landlord Security Deposit Limit and Return Checklist | State by State

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The Security Deposit checklist allows a landlord and tenant to view State by State laws and caps (if any) of how much a lessor may require and accept for rent. The Security Deposit is usually accepted after a credit, background, or employment check has verified the tenant is credible for a lease but the landlord would still like to have money stored in an account for assurance.

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Depending on the lease agreement, the landlord may accept the following maximum amounts from the tenant:





Alabama One (1) Month; Not including for Pets, Alterations (undoing), or Activities that may pose a risk to the property. 35 Days 35-9A-201
Alaska Two (2) Months; If the monthly rent exceeds Two-Thousand Dollars ($2,000) this rule is exempt. 14 Days. 30 Days if the tenant did not terminate the lease according to it’s terms and conditions 34.03.070
Arizona One and a Half (1.5) Months 14 Days 33-1321
Arkansas Two (2) Months 60 Days  18-16-303 to 18-16-305
California Two (2) Months for an Unfurnished Unit; Three (3) Months for a Furnished Unit; and if the Tenant decides to have a waterbed the landlord may charge an additional half (0.5) months’ rent. 21 Days 1950.5
Colorado No Maximum 30 Days (Unless the agreement specifically states a longer period which may not be further than 60 days) 38-12-101, 38-12-102, 38-12-103, 38-12-104
Connecticut Two (2) Months for individuals under 62 years old, One (1) Month for individuals 62 years old and over 30 Days 47a-21
Delaware One (1) Month if the term of the agreement is for at least a year. There is no limit on month to month renters. 20 Days Title 25 § 5514
Florida No Maximum 15 Days. If the tenant disputes any deductions the landlord may take up to sixty (60) days.  Title IV > Chapter 83 > Section 49
Georgia No Maximum One (1) Month from the date of the lease termination date. 44-7-2
Hawaii One (1) Month. If the tenant has a pet the landlord may charge an additional sum no greater than One (1) Month.  14 Days 521-44
Idaho No Maximum  21 Days. If the Tenant disputes any deduction(s), the landlord has up to 30 Days. 6-321
Illinois No Maximum  30 days (45 Days if the Tenant disputes any itemized deductions). 710 & 715
Indiana No Maximum  45 Days 32-31-3-9 to 31-32-3-19
Iowa Two (2) Months  30 Days 56A.12
Kansas One (1) Month for an Unfurnished Unit; One and a Half (1.5) for a Furnished Unit; and if the Tenant has a pet the Landlord may require an additional half (0.5) months’ rent.  30 Days 58-25-108
Kentucky No Maximum  30 Days if the Tenant does not dispute any deductions. 60 Days if the Tenant does dispute any of the deductions. 383.580
Louisiana No Maximum  One (1) Month 9:3251
Maine Two (2) Months 30 Days for any Fixed Lease Agreement. 21 Days for any Tenancy at Will (Month-to-Month) 6031, 6032, 6033, 6034, 6035, 6036, 6037, 6038
Maryland Two (2) Months  45 Days 8-203
Massachusetts One (1) Month 30 Days Chapter 186 > 15B
Michigan One and a Half (1.5) Months  30 Days 554.601 to 554.616
Minnesota No Maximum 3 Weeks 504B.175 & 504.B178
Mississippi No Maximum  45 Days 89-8-21
Missouri Two (2) Months  30 Days 535.300
Montana No Maximum  10 Days. If deductions up to 30 Days 70-25
Nebraska One (1) Month; If the tenant has a pet the landlord may charge an additional twenty-five percent (25%).  14 Days 76-1416
 Nevada Three (3) Months  30 Days 118A-240 & 118A-250
 New Hampshire *One (1) Month. *No Maximum if the landlord and tenant share the same utilities/facilities.  30 Days if the Tenant shared facilities with the Landlord. Otherwise the Landlord has 20 Days. 540-A
 New Jersey One and a Half (1.5) Months. If the agreement goes further than one (1) year the landlord may obtain an additional Security Deposit no more than ten percent (10%) of the original Security Deposit amount.  30 Days 46:8-19 thru 26
New Mexico One (1) Month for agreements less than one (1) year. For all leases more than one (1) year the landlord may collect as much as desired.  30 Days 47-8-18
New York No Maximum unless the unit is regulated. Reasonable Time 7-103 to 7-108
North Carolina Two (2) months if the agreement is at least a year and one (1) month if the agreement is less.  30 Days. If disputed, the funds must be sent within 60 Days 42-50 to 42-58
North Dakota One Month. If the tenant has a pet the Security Deposit is capped at two (2) months or $2,500, whichever if less.  30 Days  47-16-07.1
Ohio No Maximum  30 Days 5321.16
Oklahoma No Maximum  30 Days 41-115
Oregon No Maximum  31 Days 90.300
Pennsylvania Two (2) Months; Unless the tenant signs an agreement or stays in the unit for more than one (1) year. Under this situation the tenant is required to only pay one (1) month. 30 Days  250.511A to 250.512
Rhode Island One (1) Month  20 Days  34-18-19
South Carolina No Maximum  30 Days 27-40-410
South Dakota One (1) Month. If the landlord can make the case that under “special conditions” the tenant poses a higher than usual risk, the landlord may request an additional deposit.  2 Weeks 43-32-6.1 and 43-32-24
Tennessee No Maximum  No Deadline. If there are itemized deductions the Landlord must send the Tenant a full list within 10 Days. 66-28-301
Texas No Maximum  30 Days 92-101 to 92-109
Utah No Maximum 30 Days 57-17-1 to 57-17-5
Vermont No Maximum  14 Days. 60 Days if the residence was seasonal or a secondary home to the tenant (not the Tenant’s primary residence).

9 V.S.A. § 4461

Virginia Two (2) Months  45 Days 55-248.15:1
Washington (State) No Maximum  14 Days 59.18.265 to 59.18.290
Washington D.C (District of Colombia) One (1) Month  45 Days 42-3502.17
West Virginia No Maximum  30 Days 37-6A-2
Wisconsin No Maximum  21 Days 134.06 and 704.28
Wyoming No Maximum  30 Days 1-21-1207 to 1-21-1208


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