Download New Jersey Power of Attorney Forms – PDF – Word

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New Jersey power of attorney allows for a person to be able to select any trusted person they would like (does not have to be an attorney) to represent their financial or health care decisions. All situations must be met with a fiduciary duty to the Principal, and in the event of a durable (financial) form signed, all proceeds go to the benefit of the person being represented. Sign in the presence of a notary public to be legal.

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Durable – Select an agent so that you may be able to have someone represent your best interests for any type of financial matter. Be sure the person you select is a trusted friend or family member as the form remains valid if you should become in a mental state where you can no longer think for yourself.

Medical – Use to elect a representative to be able to make any and all health care decisions for treatment on your behalf in the event you cannot to do so for yourself. Otherwise known the “Advance Directive”, the form also works as a living will setting your life ending treatment options to direct the health care surrogate which direction to take your treatments. The form after completed must be either notarized or witnessed by at least two (2) people.

Taxpayer Representative – Use this form to allow a representative to file taxes to your benefit with the Division of Taxation in New Jersey. This document is not compatible with the IRS and may only be used within the State. It is highly recommended that the person chosen to handle the filing is knowledgeable within the field of filing in New Jersey and any mistakes, errors, or mis-filings will be the sole responsibility of the principal.

Motor Vehicle – This type of power of attorney lets a person choose anyone whom they would like to be able to make vehicle decisions such as register or get title. Required to be notarized.

Transfer Guardianship of a Minor Child  – The only person allowed to have the authority to transfer guardianship powers is either the mother or father of the minor. The power may only be transferred to another relative (grandparent, uncle, or sibling of the minor) and the arrangement may only stay in place for a fixed period before it must be renewed.

Revocation Form  – Used to cancel any of the previous power of attorney forms signed in New Jersey. Make sure to distribute copies to any and all financial and medical institutions to let third parties know that the document has been cancelled.


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