Download Pennsylvania Power of Attorney Forms – PDF – Word

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According to Pennsylvania law (Title 20 Chapter 56 – Powers of Attorney) a resident may be able to choose another person to be their financial or medical representative. This power must be designated through a form and signed in the presence of at least two (2) adult witnesses or a notary public.

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Durable-General – Use this document to select a person, or “Attorney in Fact”, to represent your financial best interests at anytime. It allows anyone you choose (does not need to be an actual attorney) to handle anything from as small as paying a few bills to as large-scale as selling a home. As long as the situations being handled are considered to be in your fiduciary interest, the decision(s) are legal. It is recommended by legal counsel to always have a durable form be notarized.

Medical – Otherwise known as the ‘Health Care Directive’, this document allows a person who may be in a state of incapacitation in the near future to be able to assign his or her end of life treatment options either by assigning them to someone else’s decision or create a living will. The form must be Notarized in order for a medical facility to accept.

Dept. of Revenue (State Tax Filing) – Only for the use of choosing someone else, commonly a tax attorney or Certified Public Accountant (CPA), to handle a tax filing for only State purposes.

Real Estate – Only for the limited use of selling real estate on behalf of another person. Due to the high position of this designation it is recommended that the form be notarized.


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