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Newsletter |Templates |Email | Example

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Your Newsletter Template’s look and feel should compliment all the other documents and communications issued by your organization. Your organization should have a unique logo to be imprinted on all its communications, and as far as possible, there should be one color scheme for all your documents, brochures and advertisements. In this manner, they will all tend to reinforce each other, and to create a unique brand image in the minds of your various audiences. The end result will be that the whole can truly be more than the sum of the parts.

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How to Use a Newsletter Template

Within your newsletter itself, there should be as much continuity as possible between issues. Newsletters should be divided into subsections covering similar topics, such as Events, Retirements, Financial Milestones, or anything else relevant to the purpose of the organization. The headings for each of these subsections should be of the same font, character size, and color. It can’t be too strongly emphasized that consistency is always the key to success with newsletters.

This doesn’t mean, however, that the headlines for each of the articles within each subsection should be the same. That would be too much sameness, and will make your newsletter somewhat boring. Make sure that you Newsletter Template allows for sufficient variation.

It’s usually a good idea to stick to a given number of columns per page for your newsletter, and three columns seems to be a de facto standard for Newsletter Templates these days. To avoid the error of too much sameness, you can have some articles spread across all three columns, and others can be restricted to two.

And, it can’t be emphasized too strongly – pictures, pictures and pictures! Nothing is more boring than page after page consisting of nothing but endless columns of words.

There is one very important juncture to consider when you are designing your Newsletter Template. That is, will your readers be going to your website to read your newsletter, or will they be receiving it over email. Many email providers will not let images of any kind load until the reader reads a dire warning about the possibility of malware. So, if you are distributing your newsletter in this manner, make sure it is coherent before any images are downloaded. You will need to experiment with all the popular email services.

Once you create your Newsletter Template, stay with it. If, like most, you will be composing your newsletter on a computer, leave the template in a read-only form where it is accessible to everyone who may be asked to contribute to the newsletter, which encourages all to stick to the agreed on format.


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