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An Organizational Chart, or Org Chart, is a diagram that illustrates the structure and authority chain within an organization. Inherently hierarchical, the org chart illustrates who reports to whom.

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As an example, if there is a company that has manufacturing plants in five cities and a company president, the org chart will have a box representing the president on top and five separate boxes, one representing each of the plant managers. These five will be aligned in straight row beneath the president’s box. There will be five lines emanating downward from the president’s box, one for each of the plant managers, or the five manager’s boxes could be connected by one horizontal running above them, with a line coming down from the president.

In some cases, depending on the style chosen and the space requirements, the hierarchical relationships may be illustrated in a slightly different manner. The subordinates are arranged one on top of each other in a vertical column, connected to each other by a vertical line running downward from the supervisor’s box. Of course, you aren’t limited to boxes; any shape is OK. By convention, individuals at the same rank within the organization are generally represented by the same box, square, circle or any other consistent choice.

Any of these depictions illustrates who reports to whom. The pattern repeats itself, illustrating, perhaps, how division managers within each plant report to the plant manager, all the way downward.

Of course, you can simply draw your Org Chart on paper or on a whiteboard. In addition, Microsoft Word has a built-in facility with which you can also create one, as do Excel and PowerPoint. These programs work together flawlessly, as they were designed to. That being said, you may find that you can create a better Org Chart using all three of them, with each one doing that part to which it is best suited.

There are also many sources online for Org Chart Templates. Generally speaking, these templates need to run under another program to do their job, usually a spreadsheet of a word processor. Of course, there is a wide sampling available, and they work with a wide variety of programs and operating systems.


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