Download Ohio Power of Attorney Forms – PDF Templates

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Ohio Power of Attorney Forms – PDF Templates

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Ohio power of attorney templates allow a resident to handle financial, health care, vehicle, tax (filing) related affairs of someone else. The responsibility becomes legal upon the completion and notarization of the document. All documents have durable functionality which means that if the person being represented (“Principal”) becomes in a state of mind where they can no longer make judgements on their own, the form remains valid. For this reason it is imperative that the agent selected is a close family member or friend that can be trusted with the principal’s assets and medical decisions.

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Durable Financial  This legal designation lets a resident choose a trusted person to be able to handle any type of financial act. It is highly recommended that the person you select can be trusted as he or she will have unlimited monetary decision making power. After completion and printing you will need to go to a notary public for signature which can be found at every branch bank.

Medical Power of Attorney  Use this form to handle a friend or loved one’s health care needs in the chance he or she cannot do so for themselves. Authorize in front of a notary for the document to be legal for use. The document only becomes in effect when the Principal can no longer take care or make the necessary health care decisions on their own behalf.

Vehicle  Only allows a person to be able to handle decisions in regards to someone else’s vehicle title. This if often used when the owner is out of town and he or she would like someone to keep the registration updated or even sell the vehicle. In order to make this form valid, it must be authorized in the presence of a Notary Public.

Department of Taxation (POA)  Also referred to as “Form TBOR-1”, allows the designation of a tax representative to be able to handle any type of filing with Department of Taxation. This is not to be used with the IRS.

Revocation – May be used to cancel any type of power of attorney document that is valid or in use. It is highly recommended that any and all financial and health care institutions (including Primary Care Physician) be made aware of the cancellation. Otherwise the form may still be used.

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