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To Do List Template | Fillable | PDF | Word | Excel

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A To Do List is a great way to make sure all those tasks that you need to accomplish get done on time, and it can also be a helpful tool to highlight to yourself when things are beginning to get away from you before you miss any critical deadlines. There are many ways to organize a To Do List, which, in turn, means that there are also many ways to organize a To Do List Template.

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The simplest To Do List consists of three columns. The largest of these, Description Of Task, comes first. The second and third columns, Due Date and Completion Date, are each just large enough to hold a date. There is one line for each task. You might also include a fourth column, which will consist simply of a box to be checked on the end of the line when the task actually has been completed, just to be sure.

How to Use a To Do List Template

Our simplest To Do List, as described above, can be hand written, or it can be composed on a word processor. If it is composed on a word processor, the blank template can be printed out and you can fill it in with pen or pencil, or you can fill it in on the computer. There also many simple To Do List Templates, very similar to what has just been described, that can be downloaded from online sources.

Our simple To Do List Template can also be created or downloaded in a form that runs on an excel spreadsheet. If you choose the spreadsheet route, there are many useful enhancements that are easy to include.

Assuming we are going to view our To Do List only on the computer, we don’t have to worry very much about the line length, so we can add more columns and still restrict the size of any task to one line only. There can be a column where you can add a few words of relevant comments about the task. You might also columns for the Importance of the task, your Progress in completing the task, and the Genesis of the task.

You might even add drop-down menus to fill in these last three columns. As an example, the drop-down choices for the Genesis column could include Job-Related, Family Related, and Personal.

Our enhanced To Do List template can also include a Date Completed column, or, on the other hand, you can simply delete the task’s line when it’s been accomplished. An option might be for the line to change colors when a date is entered into this column, indicating completion.


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