Download South Dakota Rental Lease Agreement Forms and Templates | PDF | Word

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South Dakota Rental Lease Agreement Forms and Templates | PDF | Word

Rental Application

Application | PDF | Word

Residential Lease

1-Year | PDF | Word

Month to Month | PDF | Word

Monthly | PDF | Word

Sub-Lease | PDF | Word

Sub-Lease | PDF | Word

Commercial | PDF | Word

Commercial | PDF | Word


  • Agency – If the property was shown via real estate agent this document must be given to any prospective lessee’s.
  • Lead Paint – Only required if the housing unit was constructed prior to 1978 per federal law.
  • Methamphetamine (Statute 43-32-30) – If the landlord has any prior knowledge of this substance being produced on the property it must be told to any new tenants on the premises.

Download the South Dakota lease agreements that allow a person to rent property or space from someone else. Every new tenant will probably have his or her background and credit checked to make sure that the rent is affordable. If either tenant or landlord has any issue with the agreement or would like to more about their rights, they should view the Disputes Packet provided by the Attorney General.

  • Rental Application – Allows a person that is looking to rent property from someone else (landlord) the potential lessee will most likely have to submit their credit information. This form allows the landlord to legally review a potential tenant’s credit report along with any references provided. If approved, he or will she start the negotiations and begin on a lease agreement.
  • Residential Lease Agreement – Typically a one (1) year term, allows a binding arrangement where the tenant may be able to have a livable unit to use in return for payment. The landlord may require a security deposit as well as first (1st) months’ rent before authorizing and handing over access to the premises. If either party breaks the terms of the contract, it may be broken or an eviction may be possible.
  • Month to Month – Agreement that allows a landlord and tenant to come to terms for the use of residential property. The document allows there to be no end date to the arrangement but according to 43-32-13 lets the lessor or lessee cancel the agreement with at least fifteen (15) days’ notice.
  • Sub-Lease – The act of a tenant, who holds a lease on a property, renting space to another individual, the ‘subtenant’, in an effort to obtain payment. The tenant shall bear any and all responsibility of the subtenant’s actions and lack-thereof such as in the case of not paying rent on time.

Common Landlord-Tenant Laws

  • Security Deposits
    • Limit – One (1) months’ rent
    • Returning to Tenant – Within fourteen (14) days and if the tenant disputes the deductions the landlord must provide an itemized list within forty five (45) days
  • Access – Landlord does not need to provide notice before entering the property for non-emergency use

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