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A Two Weeks Notice Template will give notice of your departure and give your colleagues time to adjust to your absence.Leaving a job can impact your colleagues in a number of significant ways: Your co-workers and supervisor may have to take up your workload, and HR will have to search for a replacement.

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Before you write your letter of resignation, there are several things you should consider:

  • Many companies require employees to give two weeks’ notice before leaving, and not doing so could leave you with a bad reputation.
  • Any reasons you have to regret leaving, and any ways that working for the company has benefitted your life.
  • Your honest reasons for leaving. You SHOULD NOT include these in the letter because it could create conflict, but you should be prepared to share them in person if you are asked.

Writing a Two Weeks Notice Template

Like other business letters, place a formal heading at the top, aligned to the left, with your name, contact info, then skip a line and write the date, then skip a line and write the recipient’s name, title, and contact information. After addressing the recipient as “Dear Mr./Ms. [],” immediately state that this letter is official notice that you will resign in two weeks, and state the exact date.

Then make a few statements about how working for the company benefitted you. For example, you can state that you are very thankful for the opportunity to have worked there, and that you gained invaluable experience. Then you may want to express regret that you have to leave, and state you hope your work noticeably supported the company.

You can actually conclude the letter here, as the only necessary information is that you are resigning and the date you will leave, although you should be polite and include some niceties. Conclude the letter with an especially warm closing, such as “Very sincerely,” or “With warmest possible regards,” and then sign and print your name.


  • Include statements that you are thankful for working at the company and that it was great experience, giving specific examples if you like.
  • Be formal and courteous.
  • Do not explain reasons for leaving unless required.
  • Consider offering any assistance to help with the transition during the two weeks.
  • Be concise and direct.
  • Sign the letter

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