Download Utah LLC Articles of Organization Forms

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Use the Utah LLC articles of organization forms to register a new company. The applicant may choose from one of the paper applications or by filing online. All fees and submissions should always be made to the Secretary of State’s office.

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  • Check Name Availability – It is always a good idea to check the name of the company before filing. Enter the name in the database and all similar entities will appear and a decision must be made if the name selected is too close to another already registered.

How to File

Option 1 – Apply Online Any user may apply online which will allow a user to create an LLC after registering for an account. After completing the questions and all fields necessary a fee will need to be paid by credit/debit card in the amount of $70.

Option 2 – Paper Filing – Print and fill out one of the following forms below that match the company being formed:

  • Domestic (Most Common) – For all companies that will have a principal place of business in Utah.
  • Professional – For a company that holds a special designation such as a law or medical office.
  • Domestic Series – Otherwise known as a Master LLC with other divisions.
  • Foreign – A company that is headquartered outside the State.
  • Foreign Series – A series LLC that is located outside the State.
  • Low Profit – Like a nonprofit corporation, the company’s sole purpose is to provide charitable and education work.

Complete the form that matches your intentions and attach the $70 fee payable to the Utah Secretary of State. Send the fee and completed form to: Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code PO Box 146705 Salt Lake City Utah 84114-6705

Contact Secretary of State


  • Apply for an EIN – If you are seeking to apply for a bank account for the new company a taxpayer identification number will need to be retrieved from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This may be accomplished through the paper form or online.
  • Operating Agreement – This form should be completed by every LLC in order to solidify their entity status as well as if there are members to protect themselves from one another. Once it is completed and signed it should be kept for each member’s records.


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