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Bed Bath and Beyond was founded in 1971 by two men with nearly half a century of experience in the sales business as Bed n Bath Inc. By 1987, Bed n Bath had seventeen stores in the north east and the west coast and changed its name to Bed Bath n Beyond. Today this retailer is well over 1000 stores strong in every state. The trade mark name is known well and as this company grows, job seekers wishing for stable positions in established retail companies will consider open positions with this company an excellent opportunity.

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How to Apply for a Job at Bed Bath and Beyond


Apply in-store at Bed Bath and Beyond

In order to apply for a position with this company, applicants may begin at the company website ( where they will find a ‘Careers’ link near the bottom center of the page under the heading of Company Info. This will direct applicants to the career area of the site containing a menu on the left listing some options while the bulk of the page gives several general areas where an applicant may search; Corporate Positions, Management Positions, Associate Positions, and an option to join the Bed Bath and Beyond Talent Network. Both the ‘Corporate Positions’ and ‘Management Positions’ buttons will offer a drop down menu of choices while the ‘Associate Positions’ section will have an ‘Inquire Within’ button. This will open a pop up with a ‘Find a Store button.  Applicants may then locate a store nearby to go and apply in person.

Applicants seeking corporate or management positions may select one of the sub categories for either respective link. This will direct the browser to a page listing available position links. Each of the available position links will open a page with a job description. Potential candidates may search jobs freely but must have a company profile to apply. If not, once the ‘Apply Online’ button is selected a candidate will be prompted to log in or create a profile.

In order to create a profile, a candidate only needs to provide a name, email, and account password then upload a resume and answer several questions. Applicants will get a confirmation that their application has been received. At this point applicants may choose to continue to manage the information in their profile or even review the applications they have submitted.

  • Apply Online – Use to view all store and corporate openings.

Download (PDF, 167KB)

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