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Goodyear keeps the application process rather neat. One could simply go to the site ( then select the ‘Career’ link under company links near the bottom of the page. This will direct the browser to a page with some information about working for Goodyear and give an opportunity to select the job type one is looking for (i.e. administrative, maintenance, etc.). Once you have selected a category, a list of available positions will appear enabling an applicant to view the job description for each. In order to apply for a job one must create an account. The user will be prompted to do so if they have hit the apply button.

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How to Apply

An applicant may create an account from scratch or they may create an account by logging in using their Gmail, Yahoo mail, LinkedIn account, or Facebook account. If an applicant chooses one of these accounts he/she will have an opportunity to input recent contact information such as phone or email in addition to other pieces of non-required info. Afterwards, the applicant will be asked if he/she has ever worked for Goodyear and if so then in what capacity. The site will then give an opportunity to upload a resume, if an applicant is using LinkedIn, he/she may update the resume currently used on that site. Applicants should keep in mind that HR personnel will gain access to the information placed on social media sites should they choose to use a Facebook or Yahoo account. It is suggestible to only use social media identities when that account is free from content which a recruiter may find distasteful (i.e. using a Yahoo ID to make a negative comment about the Goodyear blimp in a Yahoo article may, understandably, be viewed as undesirable).

Goodyear will also place searchable job opportunities on sites such as LinkedIn and if one prefers to apply without creating an account specifically with Goodyear.

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