Download UPS Store Job Application Form

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UPS Store Job Application Form

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United Parcel Service (UPS) was founded in 1907 as a small messenger company. Since then it has grown to one of the largest transportation services in the world serving over 200 companies. This is an established business, with strong name recognition and locations all over the world. This makes them particularly attractive to job hunters.

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How to Apply for a Job with UPS

One of the ways to apply for a job with UPS is to simply go to the career section of their website ( There is a link at the bottom of the home page titled ‘Careers.’ This link will take the user to a new homepage where one can select their country and language then hit ‘continue.’ Once clicked this will direct the browser to the area where one can research various opportunities. The categories named are to login, to earn and learn, hot opportunities, and returning military.


A UPS worker delivering a package

The ‘Hot Opportunities’ link will lead the user to an area where applicants may view an introduction about becoming a package handler and driver as well as a list of opportunities. One can click on a job offer to see the pay rate, the description, and be given an opportunity to submit an application online. Applicants must have a UPS company profile to continue beyond this step. They may either sign in or create an account once they have clicked ‘Apply.’ It should be noted that this website has stringent requirements for the password one chooses.

There are two types of positions one may apply to from this point. Any positions involving specific round the clock shifts such as warehouse, driver etc. will ask several basic questions then ask for a preferred shift. If the user selects a shift that is not available it will halt the application process however, the information will remain in the system should that shift become available.

If one is applying for corporate jobs, such as an account manager, there are no preferred shifts and one can continue to submit a resume. Once someone is in this area of the site they have many options to explore including searching for specific jobs.

UPS will give an option on a sidebar to connect with them using LinkedIn or other social media in case one wishes to keep up to date with the company and view any connections that may exist. Use this application to apply at any UPS store located in the United States. Most stores are owned by a franchisee so it is recommended to not apply online when searching for a position. It is best to either call or walk right in with an application completed and ask to meet or speak with the manager on staff.

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