Download Indiana Rental Lease Agreement Forms and Templates

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Indiana rental agreements provide a common template that help a tenant and landlord (or person that represents his or her interests) to be able to come to terms on a property for occupation. Typically, the exact terms are negotiated upon and once agreed upon they are put into writing and signed by both landlord and tenant. An application may be needed in order to verify that the lessee can and will pay rent in a timely fashion.

For any questions by either party view the landlord-tenant laws in Title 32 > Article 31.

  • Rental Application – Allows a potential tenant to submit information that allows a landlord, management company, or real estate agent to verify their credit, employment, and prior rental history.
  • Standard 1 Year – Legal document allows a person to enter into a contract over a property for a fixed term wile payments are made on a monthly basis usually due on the first (1st) of the month. Most commonly one (1) year but can be any term as agreed upon by the parties. The landlord will usually want to view an application and after approval a lease will be ready to sign with all required deposits needed for access to the premises.
  • Month to Month – Allows for a tenant to rent from a Landlord for only a month at a time. Either party may be able to cancel the contract with at least thirty (30) days notice to one another, otherwise as long as rent is paid the lease stays in effect.

Common Landlord-Tenant Laws

  • Security Deposit
    • Maximum – No statutory limit
    • Returning – Forty Five (45) days from the end date
  • Access – Landlord must provide “Reasonable Notice” before entering the property.
  • When Rent is Due – There is no grace period in Indiana and rent is due on the date agreed upon

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